Labeling Machine: Joust SSK-C

The powerful SSK-C labeler is the industry’s most technologically advanced and versatile label application system designed to accurately and efficiently apply a single Full C-Shape label to a variety of containers like clamshells, meat and produce food trays, boxes, and any container needing a C-shape label.

Nita’s innovative vertical wipe-gate wrap system gives you complete edge contouring ensuring precision labeling every time.


Labeler Type & Specifications

Powerful And Versatile Labeler For Front, Multi-Panel, Or C-Shape Labeling

Machine Type: C-Shape Labeling Machine
Labeling Applications: C-shape, front labeling, multi-panel labeling, full wrap labeling
Container Types: Labels plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, metal and most other materials

The Joust SSK-C is built for precision labeling and designed for fast change-overs.

The Many Features and Advantages Of Nita Technology and Engineering:

  • ONLY Servo Motors and Servo Programmable Drives
  • 100% Non-Proprietary Off-The-Shelf Electronics
  • Totally License-Free Windows IoT Enterprise Software
  • SCADA platform with Live O.E.E Reporting
  • 10” PC Computer Screen
  • Front and Back Servo Labeling Precision to 1/32”
  • Rugged All 304 Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum SumoFrame™
  • Intuitive Ultra-Fast Changeover Total-Replication Software System
  • Tip-To-Tip Memorized Ruled Adjustment Stations
  • Blistering 1570” Per Minute Application Speed
  • Self-Diagnosing Sentient Software
  • Internet Connectible
  • In-Screen Parts Ordering
  • Optional Anti-Corrosion Kits
  • IP65 Full Machine Wash Down Kits
  • Cognex Vision Systems for Label Verification and Rejection
  • Camera and Sensor Servo Orientation Modules
  • Full How-To Video Help Library
  • Variable Information Printing and Coding Options
  • Auto Label Calibration with Fixed Product Sensors
  • 12” Standard OD Rolls. 16” and 18” Options
  • 6” Standard Label Width. 9” and 12” Options

And don’t forget about our On-Demand NitaCare In-Screen Live Tech Help or The Complimentary Sister Mobile NitaCare Free Live Video Tech Support App. Forever Free. On Every Nita!

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